• Chris Hewitt

    Head Artist - Has spent over 20 years as a professional tattooist in the Washington DC metro area. After applying his trade in a number of acclaimed area shops, Chris made a home of his own with the opening of Patriots ten years ago. The recipient of numerous awards and accolades for his intricately detailed and distinctive style, Chris is most in his element working on portraits, cover-ups, and highly detailed art. He has a developed a devoted following for his ability to put together complex and multifaceted large designs such as sleeves and back pieces. His attentive, calming personality makes the time under his needle relaxing. He is also a Virginia state certified tattoo instructor with many of his apprentices becoming successful artists right here at Patriots. When not decorating his clients, Chris pursues a great diversity of interests that keep him young including: bee keeping, painting, drawing, geo-caching, music, and rock climbing. Portfolio
  • Ty Bogart

    Artist - Began his career with Patriots many years ago. His proven success has garnered him a dedicated following in northern Virginia. Ty's art skill allows him to tackle a variety of tattoo styles, but his personal focus tends toward old school, graffiti, and traditional styles. He has an innate eye for turning words and lettering into designs. His exuberance for his profession and his clients is infectious and always makes for fun. On his off time Ty spends his time rooting on the Packers, drawing, painting and generally creating beautiful things Portfolio
  • Cat Gilray

    Artist - Has emerged as Patriots go to specialist for fine line and intricately detailed tattoos. With a background and degree in fine arts, she has managed to adapt that skill set and knowledge to the world of tattoos with great success. She is equally at home tattooing tiny letters or vast, expansive sleeves. Although her interests outside of tattooing could be described as “nerdy”, (comics and gaming) they lead to many exciting tattoo designs. Mention `Batman` and you will make a friend for life. Portfolio
  • Nathan Reel

    Artist - With an easy smile and a laid back nature, Nate makes getting tattooed feel like an easy afternoon at the beach. His artistic focus is on traditional and classic tattoo art. He enjoys bold lines, bold colors and bold themes. Outside of Patriots he throws darts, Frisbees, and baseballs as well building a variety of objects out of wood. Don’t hold it against him if he insists he looks like Ryan Gosling. Portfolio