It is our goal at Patriots to share the abilities of our talented tattoo artists and piercers in a place that is welcoming, comforting, and fun. We want to give people the highest quality work that can be achieved in an environment that is safe, sterile, and supportive. We strive to bring these skills to our customers at a cost that is competitive and affordable. The people who choose to visit us and utilize our services are our guests and often become our friends. Our dream is to be a studio where anyone, tattoos, piercings or not, would feel free to explore their own ideas on body art.

These are the goals we are still striving to achieve 15 years after opening our doors and inviting the world in. Our website is often the most accessible way to see what we are doing and find out about us, but we love interaction. Please visit us, call us or email us with any thoughts or questions you may have. We are eager to share our talents with you.

Curt Taylor